King’s kids in action in Guinea Bissau

Líderes das redes

By God’s grace have we been able to work in three areas: Discipling children and young people in 18 local churches through King’s Kids network – Fijus di Rei.

Through this door have we been able to reach many families and ministered with marriage seminars that have been a huge blessing. There have been several, who at the end of the seminars, have proclaimed that they will now be changing how things work in their homes because of what they have learned.Limpeza na feira (2)

With the network teams, we have also done evangelism from door to door and using a strategy called MAOS (Hands).Through this, we have been serving communities in a practical way, cleaning market places and public hospitals. While one part of the team does the practical work, the other part gives out tracts and shares the gospel. We had positive feed-back after our outreach to the hospital in Mansoa. One of the ladies who received the Word there, urged us not to stop doing this kind of work, telling the good news to many more people.

We have had two types of camps as well. One is the Evangelism camp, and the other, called King’s Kids Lingua (Language), caters to the needs of the new generation growing up in Guinea-Bissau.

Evangelismo na feira (2)This camp lasts for 5 weeks, and in each one we study a specific Bible theme. We also have daily Portuguese lessons as well as English and French lessons. During the camp, the kids are encouraged to use these three languages to communicate amongst themselves.

We also teach artisanal skills like macramé, crochet (one needle knitting), Kids games and others.

We praise God for the good results we have seen from these ministries. More than a hundred children and young people have participated in these programs.

Our goal is to provide a training to form well-rounded young people that have the skills to fill their calling in God.

There are already some kids that have taken what they learned in artisanal class to produce things to sell that help them cover their financial needs!

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